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Update 07/01/2023

Hello everyone, I Hope you are all keeping well. A little bit of bad news today, I had to make an emergency visit to the Hospital this morning. Been sick the last few days and woke up late last night with pain at the bottom of my spine. To keep it as short as I can, around 5 years ago I had a Pilonidal Sinis which required emergency surgery to remove. It's common that when you have one you have a higher chance to develop another one down the line. Sadly I have, it's nothing too serious but it really sucks. It is known for being tremendously painful and once again mine is going to be an open wound. This basically means I get put to sleep, they cut it out but leave the hole open to heal from the inside. I don't recommend researching it so ill spare the details lol. When it's a closed stitched wound it can take about 4 weeks to heal but an open wound can take 4 weeks to a couple of months. I'll most likely be bed bound for a period of time, last time if I remember it was a couple of weeks before I felt semi-normal again but it was just painful for a month or two. I want to make it clear that this does not mean we are stopping. I'll likely pause our scheduled videos for the next 5 Days to a week. Luckily as you might know we have been going full throttle for the past few months. We have been uploading more videos than ever before and I am really happy with how we have been doing. So... I have A LOT of footage recorded and ready to be edited. Which I can do over the next few days as ill likely be stuck in bed and very bored. After maybe 5 days ill then continue our regular uploads as I should be able to get out of bed and sit at my desk (with the help of some pillows). During the next week, I will be editing and making some hopefully really good videos out of the footage I have available. We have some Photo Hunt episodes, Photo Hunt Highlights, Life In Santa County Highlight, Lust Academy episodes, and Early Access videos. A few new series like Guilty Pleasure, and Forbidden Passion, and 2 new titles of which I have forgotten the name. I most likely could just continue as normal but I think it's best I don't at least for a few days and just focus on editing in bed. I don't want to run down all the early access I have available and be behind when I come back so no public videos this week. I will add a few Premium and Premium + videos to 'Most Recent' throughout the week to keep all our none subscribers going. It will be good news for Premium members however as all the time I do spend this week will be on content for you guys :)

I might have rambled a bit there but I'm currently waiting to be taken into the operating theatre and I'm very bored. The good news is you usually get released about 12 hours after the surgery so with a bit of luck ill be home tonight. Also if for some reason I am bed bound or unable to sit at a desk after this week or so ill be moving my PC set up to my bed. Eternum should be dropping in a week or two and ill be DAMNED if I miss that lol. Jokes aside I hope your start to the New Year has been better than mine and ill update you again as soon as I can :) PS I have scheduled tonight's episodes with a few extras already

- Ryan

Update 31/12/2022

Happy New Year to everyone if you are reading this today. I hope you all stay safe and are treated well in 2023! Got a few things I wanted to update you all on. So first of all I won't be uploading any regularly scheduled videos until the 2nd of January, I want to take the next few days to do a bit of admin and catch-up work. Mainly finish the new Photo Hunt update for early access. I just got done uploading episodes 262-264, I estimate we have about 4 or so more episodes left.  I have made a few changes to the 'Other Series' Or 'Misc' page. This is where the new series go until they reach enough episodes and I think it's time to give them their page. I've moved all the premium ones to the premium misc page and removed them from the general other series pages to free up some room. I have also removed the following games from the site. Affexon, due to the game being abandoned for some time, there were only 2 episodes and no updates in over a year. If a new update drops ill start it again.  Measuring My Cum as it officially got abandoned as the creator I believe lives in Ukraine. Big shame as it was an amazing start and hopefully we see him return soon.


Dawnbreaker is a funny story, when I started the game I didn't know it was a Futa/Trans Protagonist game and I only figured that out quite a few episodes in. It was too late as I uploaded some episodes so I carried it on. But as I don't play those sorts of games at the moment I've decided to remove it as I don't plan on playing the other games in that series. I'm not a fan of Female Protagonist games either personally. I don't mind them but it makes me a little awkward as I don't know how I should be acting in the female role. This doesn't mean I won't play any of them in the future if enough demand is there but for now, as you can tell I don't play them. For that reason, I have removed 'The Office' as I don't play on continuing the game. In the future, I could see us having a page just for Female Protagonist games if people wanted but for now, we will keep it like this. It's the same reason why I don't show NTR scenes or play solely heavy NTR games. It's just personal preference and I need to appease what the majority would like. Again, not against it completely if people requested it. The Shelter is also being removed as after a third try I haven't managed to complete it due to the sandbox feature and repeatable scenes. Stuff like this makes it too confusing as I only record 20 minutes at a time. It's easy to get lost or forget where I am, what scenes I've already recorded etc. (All of these removed games are still available for vault access members)

I believe that it is for games I've removed. Amnesia is another one I'm thinking about. For the same reason as 'Shelter'. I've found myself completely lost in its sandbox mode and with how messy it is, either I'm going to start again or wait for a few more updates to dive in again. I enjoy Amnesia so whatever we decide to do, I will be continuing it. Now moving on to games we are waiting for or expecting. Starting with Demon Boy....that game is in a lot of controversies at the moment. I won't say my opinion on the matter as I don't believe it's my place to. However, with that one, we will just say it comes out when it comes out...Hopefully January. Some good news, we have my all-time favourite game ETERNUM's long-awaited v0.5 dropping in a few weeks. With Carbis behind the wheel of that, It should supply us with around 20-30 episodes. The second that drops I will be all over it for release on Early Access. I don't have too much information on other games however I believe we could be expecting the following games to drop an update soon 

  • Life In Santa County

  • Acquainted

  • Become A Rock-Star

  • Freshwomen

  • Ripples

These are not confirmed by the creator in any way though so it's just an estimate. Plus I expect many other will drop updates in that time but I'm not 100% sure. Until next time :)​


Donation Link

So as some of you may have seen, I have recently added a donation link at the top of the page. Firstly thank you to everyone who has seen it and kindly left a donation. I'm currently trying to fund a new edit and rendering PC as mine has started to struggle. I have gone into more details on there if you are interested. I believe I have talked to everyone who has left something to thank personally. However, by clicking the Anonymous button it's hard to know. So the point of this is to say if you ever do contribute please message me to let me know it is you. You don't have to of course but if I cant at least thank you the guilt will make me don't want to see a grown man cry, do you?.. All jokes aside I won't be only replacing my PC when/if I ever hit the goal by the way. I'll be putting all the money I personally can into it but that won't show on the goal. Thanks again everyone 

- Ryan

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