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Main Update 06/04/2023

Hello everyone :) just when I was getting ready to write a new update, we have something happen that I kind of knew was coming. That is the termination of our payment provider Paypal. I'll be talking a bit about that at the start here as there is a lot to talk about. Mainly what we are going to have to do going forward etc. If you are not interested in that then you can skip ahead to the new game and regular website news.

Payment Issues

So I knew this day would come, PayPal has been our main payment provider for a couple of years now, but not long ago they changed their terms and conditions for what they allow people to use their services for. I knew eventually they would do this I just didn't know when. So as of right now, all of my payments have stopped. Those of you who are monthly subscribers will have your memberships end at their renewal date. Yearly memberships will cancel at the end of there year like normal you just won't be able to re-subscribe in the normal way if you are wanting to. Lifetime Premium members should be absolutely fine and see no effects.

As of right now, I am still accepting Yearly and Lifetime Premium memberships, you will need to message me if you are wanting one and we have a few options. The first is a new tier on Patreon which I can manually assign a year or lifetime plan to your account here. I can't however do this for the monthly plans as there is no way I can keep track of all of that on my own. The second is a wire or direct Paypal transfer, as I would only need to do this either until we can come up with a new way or once a year/lifetime per person. With the amount of you on the monthly right now, it would just be too big of a task to figure out. I do apologise to those of you that are on the current monthly plans and I Thank You so much for the support over the last few years. That goes to everyone who has supported me financially since we started this, it has meant the absolute world. 

That sounds like a goodbye lol, but let me assure you as big of a downer this is to me, this means nothing and I am continuing ahead as normal. We still have a huge month ahead content-wise and I won't let this get in the way. I never started this as a way to make money, it was a place I could upload my content without the restrictions of companies like PornHub etc. The money was more of a way I could continue this and expand. A hobby that without the support, would of most likely just died out by now as work and normal life got in the way. 

Now lastly on this topic as I want to get onto the fun stuff. What are we going to do about this? So for those who want to upgrade to either a Yearly or Lifetime, drop me a message and I can sort that out for you. For those who can only go the monthly route, we do have a full Patreon account with every bit of content you might find on here. Updated daily with links both on MEGA and Google Drive for you to watch videos uninterrupted. I will also be adding a third option when my internet gets upgraded so you shouldn't find any trouble at all. The only downside is the player we use on here won't be there and Patreon is a little different to navigate. I am also looking at contacting Credit Card/Payment providers, I have already done an application to one. Which got rejected but offered me a cryptocurrency option which I will be using soon. This of course isn't ideal but as a start, getting a Credit Card processor might be a struggle for us.  I'll keep you all updated but this only happened today. Message me if you have questions :)

The Fun Stuff

Now that's out of the way I can move on to the update I was going to write before all of this today lol. Firstly I took most of the last week off as you might have seen. I recently had a loss in the family and was going through that, thank you to everyone who messaged me. While I was off we have been blessed with the amount of content that has been released. I cant even write them all here but content from Photo Hunt, Ripples, Pale Carnations, Shale Hill Secrets, Red Lucy, Lust of Pain, Dreamland, Love Season and a few others. Thats why when I said this would be a huge month for videos, I meant it. Even with the payment issues I will still be trying to make this one of the best months video-wise we have had. Highlights will also be making a comeback this month, we launched it a while ago with a huge amount of videos and then stopped. This was mainly because of the number of updates that came out but I want to bring them back at least as much as I can. So highlights are what I always wanted 'Extras' to be when I first started doing them. This means I will be removing the 'Extras' page soon, or at least revamping it for other content I want to do, which I won't speak on now as with all of this it will be a while before I can start it. Similar content to what you see on extras will be on highlights but hopefully much better. Also with highlights, I want a 'Member Requested' channel which will allow you to pick a scene or part of a series that you like and made it into a short or single video. Im not sure how we will do that as of yet but keep that in mind.


After the last update, I have had some really good feedback on a few things which I want to mention here quickly. As more feedback comes in I will add to this in the next update. First is a really good suggestion about a 'My List' page or button. Similar to what you see on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + etc. So you can quickly access your favourite videos or even whole series in one place.  I am really not sure how I will do this and I will have to look into it more when I have some time on my hands. The second is feedback on the site speed since changing it. We have a whole new Home page with images for tabs. I was aware this slowed down the loading time of the site slightly. I do have something I can do, and that replaces the images after editing their size of them. When I placed the images in I used that original size and format, some of which are huge as they are original wallpapers. So at some point, I need to take them and photoshop them. Again i will get round to that as soon as i can but with everything going on right now please bare with me. I think i will leave it at that for now, i would of spoke a little more if this payment issue didn't come about but for now ill save that for the next one :) Thanks again everyone

- Ryan

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